Dimensions: L 160 cm x W 80 cm x H 45 cm
Material: soft foam – rubber coating
Color: white
Use: houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, waiting rooms, public spaces, museums,...
Distributor: Sixinch, Belgium

Tabletto is a seat in the shape of a pill, a medicine. Pills are so integrated in our society, that they became obvious:
a convention in our daily life, as like as a seat.
I pulled the pill out of its context by making a seat from it, in order for people to become more conscious about the use of medicines in their lives.

-2017:   Nhow Hotel Via Tortona, Art & Design exhibition "I did it!" Milan, Italy

-2017:   Solo Exhibition De Vuyst Art Gallery, Lokeren, Belgium

-2013:   Meet My Project, Paris, France

-2011:    Salone Satellite, Milan, Italy