Light Book

€ 419 (VAT included / shipping excluded) :                                  $ 464 (VAT included / shipping excluded)  

Dimensions: L 23,5 cm x W 17 cm x H 4,5 cm
Material: 5 acrylic pages 6 mm - cover: black linen
Light: LED - 3500 K - dimmable
Color: black
Producer:  Climar Lighting, Portugal

Light Book reflects my abiding fascination with books. Light Book is a handmade sphere and reading lamp that you can open and close like a real book and position horizontally or vertically. Light Book is made of 5 acrylic pages, 6mm, with white 3500 K dimmable LED lights. The cover is handmade in black linen. Light Book is a small, precious lighting object that can light your space, gifting it with a surprisingly different, poetic dimension. 

" The idea of Light Book arose some years ago. Since I was a child, I had always been surrounded and fascinated by books,  because they could absorb me into another world. There are always laying some books next to me when I fall asleep or on my night table. A book is a strong, silent presence that invites you to open it to discover the mysteries inside... What then is more beautiful than a light in the dark coming from a door which opens on the Realm of Dreams?...That is how arose the idea of making a Light Book. I wanted to bring light into the books and to attract people to look inside... " 

Special Thanks to: Photography: Alberto Riccardo Messaggi

Light Book’s awards, exhibitions and clients:

-2018: Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

-2018:   Milan Design Week, Future is Nhow, Nhow Design Hotel, Via Tortona 35, Milan, Italy

-2017:   Nhow Design Hotel, Via Tortona 35, Art & Design exhibition "I did it!" Milan, Italy

-2017:   Solo Exhibition, De Vuyst Art Gallery, Icons Design Collection, Lokeren, Belgium

-2017: Copyright Bookshop, Gent & Antwerp, Belgium

-2017: Ace Lighting, Antwerp, Belgium

-2017: Design Oostende, Belgium

-2017: Donum, Antwerp, Belgium

-2017:   Permanent Collection, Design Museum Gent, Belgium

-2017:   MintShop Design Gallery, London, UK Gallery, London

-2017:   Milan Design Week, Meet My Project, Next Agency, Milan, Italy

-2016: CHANEL, Paris, France

-2016:   Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk, Belgium

-2016:   La Biennale di Venezia, Global Art Affairs Foundation, Palazzo Michiel, Venice, Italy

-2015:   Shortlisted Happy Led Life Award, Gwangju, Korea ( prototype )

-2014:   Gelinkt, Design Museum Gent, Belgium ( prototype ) 

-2013:   Milan Design Week, Salone Satellite, Milan, Italy ( prototype )

-2011:    First Light Book prototype