Pilli Love

€ 599 ( VAT included / shipping excluded ) : info@pascalina.be      $ 669 ( VAT included / shipping excluded )      

Dimensions: Diameter 55 cm x H 45 cm
Material: soft foam – rubber coating
Color: light pink
Distributor: Sixinch

Pilli Love is an endearing little ottoman in the shape of an ecstasy pill. By taking the pill out of its context and making a puff of it, it becomes functional. It looks cute and no longer harmful… When sitting on it one gets confronted with the taboo and the fact that many people use ecstasy in our society.

Pilli Love selected and presented at:

-2018:   Milan Design Week, Future is Nhow, Nhow Design Hotel, Via Tortona 35, Milan, Italy

-2017:   Nhow Hotel, Via Tortona 35, Art & Design exhibition "I did it!" Milan, Italy

-2017:   Solo Exhibition, De Vuyst Art Gallery, Lokeren, Belgium

-2013:   Paris Design Week, Meet My Project, Paris, France

-2011:    Milan Design Week, Salone Satellite, Milan, Italy