Sensing Space
Installation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dimensions: length 250 cm x width 250 cm x hight 250 cm
Material: black foam – mdf panels - screen
Light: led
Color: black
Composer: Bas Kalle –

Sensing Space is a chapel, a meditation space, that you need to experience alone, totally isolated from the world around you. Every two minutes the colored light and sound are changing. Every sound and colored light has another effect on your body and mind. Composer Bas Kalle (Den Haag, The Netherlands) composed together with me for every color another sound. With blue you will become sleepy, with red you will get energy,…The cube looks straight but is crooked which has a special effect on you. I have made a study which effect sound, form and colored light have on your body and mind.

Sensing Space selected and presented at:

2017:  My idea of 2007, "Sensing Space", realized and based on my graduation thesis at Gerrit Rietveld Academy                   Amsterdam, about which effect colored light, sound and form have on your body and mind, is now been                    developed and became reality through: 

           I thank Mrs. Valérie Corcias & Mr. Dominique Kelly to be made part of this achievement.

2015:  Shortlisted "Happy Led Life Award" -  International Design Biennale, Gwangju, Korea

2007:  Solo Exhibition, Bunker, De Waterkant, Den Haag, The Netherlands

2007:  Graduation Exhibition, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands